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Machine Learning Part IV: Ensemble Learning

Ensemble Learning is a type of Supervised Learning that uses multiple learning methods to achieve a result. The combined methods can include regression, classifications and functions.  This allows the use of multiple types of learning methods on one  dataset. And can get you a better result by averaging over all of the models. The advantages […]

Learning ML part VIII. Nearest nieghbor

Learning ML part VIII. Nearest Neighbor Algorithm. The Nearest Neighbor algorithm is an instance based learning algorithm than can handle both classification and regression.  It is one of the simplest  of algorithms because any data point  can be inferred from it’s nearest neighbor. See the diagram below: Let’s say you have a graph of red […]

Learning ML Part VII Neural Networks

Learning ML Part VII. Neural Networks This week we will explore Neural Networks, a form of supervised learning that takes in multiple inputs  and predicts a continuous output.  The name neural networks comes from the way biological neurons work and were modeled after. Much like  Regression it attempts to predict a continuous output to given […]